It’s go time!

Alright, you’ve signed the contract, you’ve paid the deposit and now it’s time to start working on your dream logo and brand! Once you fill out the necessary information below I will begin putting together a mood board for your brand. Think of the mood board as the feeling you want your potential customer to experience when they see, interact, or buy from your brand.

Brand Creative Brief Form

Please fill out the questions below to help me get to know you and your brand a little better. If some of these questions about your ideal customer and what makes your brand unique are difficult answer - don’t shy away from digging deep! Doing this work ahead of time will ensure we create a clear path moving forward for your visual brand.

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Include a tagline as a separate line if wanted in your logo design
(i.e. fun, expensive, quirky).
How old are they? What brands do they buy? Where do they like to go to dinner? Use this spot to brainstorm if needed!
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