Why Choose a Tropical Invite for a Destination Wedding?

Is sending out tropical themed invites for your tropical destination wedding overkill? Or is it the perfect way to get your guests in vacation mode?


So you’ve decided you want a tropical destination wedding. Or maybe you’re lucky enough and live near the beach and would love nothing more for all your guests to come visit for your big day. Either way, it may seem overkill or obvious to go with a “tropical” theme for your wedding and/or invites. But I happen to think sending out tropical themed invites for your destination wedding is the perfect way to get your guests excited about not only your wedding celebration, but that escape vacation. Because, let’s be honest - that vacation part may be a big reason guests decide to go. They get to celebrate you and your loved one AND get an awesome vacation?! Win-Win!

A tropical themed wedding invite will be your guests’ first glimpse into what you have planned for the week or weekend. What better way to give your guests a sneak peak than printed palm tree silhouettes, lush monstera leaves, and pineapples?

Okay, I have something to tell you if you’re planning a destination wedding. You may not want to face it, but one of the first things your guests will think upon receiving that Save the Date (right after pure joy and excitement for your upcoming nuptials, of course) is, “How much is all that traveling going to cost if I go?” Heck, maybe that’s exactly why you’re having a destination wedding! You’d rather keep things intimate while not having to choose who to limit invites to. I totally get it. It’s no secret that destination weddings typically don’t have as many willing RSVPs as a local wedding. A lot of friends or families just can’t swing it financially or take the time off necessary to travel.

Whether or not you’re hoping for less RSVPs, or you really would love for everyone you invite to come celebrate your wedding, a tropical invite will get everyone in the mood for celebrating, lounging beach or poolside, and plenty of tropical drinks. And if they can’t make it - they’ll know exactly what they’re missing out on!