Tropical Wedding Invitations: A process as easy as you sipping a mai tai on the beach


So you said, YES! Now prepare for endless decisions.

So you're engaged - CONGRATULATIONS! Now prepare yourself to make more decisions in the next 6+ months than you've had to do in your entire LIFE! Just kidding. Sort of. You will be bombarded with ALL the questions not only from friends, family members, vendors, your wedding planner, and anyone else participating in your big day. And not just questions that need answers. But questions that require strong, definitive opinions. For a people-pleaser like me and someone who goes with the flow, this was a tough one when planning my wedding. Wait, I can choose any color/song/design/flower/etc. available?! Do I have strong feelings about these things? Not really? Oh well, still gotta pick one! Ahhh.

Feeling overwhelmed yet? Are your wedding invites the least of your worries and demands at this point? I feel you. Invitations are often a piece of the wedding picture that get overlooked or put off until the last minute. But they shouldn't be! Here me out on this one.

Your Guests' First Impression

You may have been planning the details of your big day for over a year but the invites are oftentimes your guests' first introduction and impression into everything you have been planning. This is your chance to finally bring your guests into YOUR love story and celebration. Yes, the day is about you and your future spouse committing your lives to one another. But why go through all those decisions, spend so much money, and throw a massive party if it wasn't about your guests too? Get them excited with the invites. It truly sets the tone and subtly let's them know what to expect whether it be a black tie sunset soirée or a casual barefoot beachside celebration. Yes, your invites can help communicate that.  

It's Really Happening

Brides often tell me when they see their invites printed, assembled, and ready to be delivered, that that's when it all feels "real." It's really happening. We're really getting married and all these people will be there to witness with us and celebrate! I just love when this moment hits. And I think all the more reason your wedding invites should be more than an after thought or more than a piece of paper you print your names on. It's in invitation into the rest of your lives. A life you'll build with your best friend and that is SO freakin special. 

Tropical Stationary: It's kinda my thang

"Okay," you must be thinking, "but how is this supposed to put me at ease!? Aren't the invites just now one more thing I need to make a decision about?" Well, my answer is yes, but it doesn't have to be either. I'm assuming you're here because either you've seen my work and you like it, or you're planning a destination wedding in a tropical location (or both!). Well you're in luck, cuz tropical stationery is kinda my thang and I'd love to help you and create memorable invitations for you to deliver to your guest list. 

If you see a set you like here or on my Etsy shop, all you have to do is purchase, send me your info, provide some easy peasy decisions, and I will handle the rest. If you want something semi-custom or completely unique to you and your big day, fill out this questionnaire and i will provide a quote. Don't worry, I have options ranging in all different styles and budgets. 

No matter which route you go, I can't wait to work with you and make this a fun process that captures your wedding day. It really should be as relaxing as sipping a mai tai on the beach. Once those invites have hit the mailboxes and you start getting texts from friends and family about how much they love them and how they can't wait for your wedding weekend, it makes it all worth it. And let the final countdown to the big day begin! 

Contact me to start on your tropical wedding invitations!